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Shopping(and surviving) with a newborn and a toddler!

September 9, 2016

Shopping with a baby and toddler is rough and straight up not fun sometimes! Here are a few tips that might save some sanity when having to take the kiddos on your errand runs with you!

-Timing is key! Don’t you even think about going near a nap time or meal time! Right after breakfast always seems to be a good time for all in this family!

-Find the coffee! Find all the stores with a built in Starbucks. When a mom has a coffee in hand they must have it all together, right?!? 😂😂#haha

-Bribery always wins! Who else was stoked when their toddler finally understood a good bribe?? I was just waiting for the day! New toys for everyone who stays in their cart without having a melt down! Yes please!

-Bring snacks! Who wouldn’t want to chill in a cart, get a free ride and enjoy a nice snack?

Binxy Baby for the win! This thing is seriously awesome! SO many moms stop me when I’m using it! It frees up cart space, baby is super cozy, and toddler stays in the cart longer because they get to turn around and see their little brother or sister! Winning ALL around!

-Baby wearing! Equally as great as the Binxy Baby, just depends how your feeling that day!  Frees up hands, and especially perfect if baby needs to sleep!

-Emergency YouTube! YouTube has it all folks, from the Disney junior to those good ol’ Surprise Eggs. When it’s all hitting the fan at once, baby is crying and toddler is Lord knows where. Probably pulling who the heck knows what off the shelf. The time had come to stick them in the cart and hand them the phone, and don’t even feel guilty about it!

-Bring back up! THE absolute worst thing is when you are in the store with a cart full of groceries and out of no where baby starts screaming, toddler refuses to sit in the cart and you are about 2/3rds done shopping! That’s straight up panic! Bring whoever the heck is willing to help! Hey mom, need to go to Target?? BFF? Neighbor? Sister? Waitress at dinner last night? Your Uber driver? Justin Timberlake? I don’t even care…

-AND the number one trick to having a successful shopping trip is to leave the little angels home with daddy! (My personal favorite!) 😉

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XO Ashley

No more toothbrush tantrums!

September 6, 2016

Sliced bread has a serious run for it’s money folks because I may have found the next best thing! Every single night I have to pin my toddler down and fight her to brush her teeth for maybe 30 seconds, IF I’m lucky! You would think I was trying to pull her teeth every single night! This was until Playbrush came into our lives!  It’s a tiny little device that can attach to ANY tooth brush and will work with your smartphone or tablet! Turning brushing your teeth into a GAME! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Download the Playbrush app onto your phone (or tablet) there are three different game options.  Karis picked the princess “getting” the purple monsters. It will keep track of your childs name and all the points and rewards they have earned from brushing their teeth!
  2. Charge it up and attach the device onto your toddlers toothbrush.  (No special toothbrush required just use the one you already have.)
  3. AND play!!!

Karis Brushed her teeth FIVE times today and cried when I finally had to call it quits because it was 30 minutes past her bed time! She cried because she COULDN’T brush her teeth anymore, what kind of crazy mind game is this Playbrush??? I’m not sure, but it’s working and I am SO loving it! I think I might get myself one too, totally acceptable right?? Mama wants to get the purple monsters too!


Do yourself a favor and go buy your kiddo one and save yourself a wrestling match every night.  You’re toddler will thank you and you will totally thank yourself!


XO Ashley tb (1 of 46) tb (3 of 46) tb (4 of 46) tb (6 of 46) tb (7 of 46) tb (8 of 46) tb (12 of 46)


Cherish those moments!

June 27, 2016

Let’s talk about the very last stretch of pregnancy! The point where the babies head is shoved so far into your bladder that just a small cough makes you pee your pants, when the cute little kicks are now feeling like a stabbing knife through the rib cage, when all you want to do is sleep but then you remember you have a entire “things to do before baby comes” list. Anyways, you mamas know what I’m talking about…image During this crazy, tired, emotional phase of life I am trying so hard to cherish every moment with my little girl. She just went down for bed as my baby girl, but in three short weeks she will be my big girl and there will be a new baby in town. It breaks my heart to think about it, but I know Karis is so ready to love on her little sister. Until then I will cherish the short amount of days I have left with my first born. I will give her all the cuddles, tickles and kisses she can handle!imageHow did you all manage to make a toddler still feel special when baby brother or sister came???

Mamas dress: Roolee Boutique/Karis’ shirt: Jean & June

I like long, romantic walks down every aisle in Target.

June 9, 2016

Target and I are very very close; BFFs if you will. The awkward moment when your halfway through your shopping trip and you realize shirt, shorts and shoes are ALL from target, happens all the time! The dollar spot took all of my money this week and I needed to share!

So many good learning and craft items for a toddler! I’m trying to stock up on some fun little things to keep Karis busy once the baby is here, and Target always reads my mind!

How fun are these magnets!? One set is the alphabet and the other set is shapes and number! Super fun colors and patterns, and perfect for learning! Plus when half of them go missing you’re not even mad because they were only three bucks! Everyone is winning!

So stoked when I found these chalkboard blocks! Such a cute photo prop, great for learning words, just to color on, and even for math when Karis gets a bit older! Score!

Karis is obsessed with coloring! It’s her all time favorite thing to do, so these were a must! They surely aren’t going to be teaching her how to properly hold a writing utensil BUT, they’re totally fun and fun always wins!

I’m thinking this chalkboard laptop will be perfect for on the go and even for the waiting room at the hospital when baby sister comes! The chalk has a little holder on the inside, it all closes up and you’re ready to roll!

All of these goodies can be found in the dollar section at Target. (except it’s a lie because they’re all $3 each) Now who’s going to Target??? See you there!

xoxo Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley

June 6, 2016

Hi everyone! The time has come, I have started a blog. The reason behind this idea of mine was well, why the heck not start a blog? Good reason, moving on. I’m Ashley. My husband is Eric and our little gal is Karis! We have a bun in the oven who is looking to make her grand debut via scheduled c-section on July 19th. We live in sunny (pretty way of saying it’s hot all the time) Southern California. My husband and I are full time wedding photographers (check out our work!) <—enter shameless plug here. I also own an Etsy shop! Making pretty little bows, flowers and flower crowns. My life is pretty epic (not at all actually) and my husband only listens to me about half the time I talk, so I now have a outlet to ramble on about whatever might be on my brain! Lets just hope that a few kind souls might hear what I have to say. So welcome, thanks so much for stopping by, and let’s be friends!