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Karis’ Zoo Party!

May 21, 2017

Karis’ turns three next week and we celebrated a tiny bit early today with a zoo party (Karis’ choice! After asking several times, “are you sure you don’t want a princess party??”) I did NOT want to start planning and then she all of a sudden wants the good old Princess party of every three year old girls dream! haha SO a zoo party it was and it was such a blast!

Who else gets seriously carrier away with parties! UGH, I know I am not alone! Totally worth is though when you see you kiddos have the time of their lives!

520 (4 of 94) 520 (5 of 94) 520 (6 of 94) 520 (7 of 94) 520 (11 of 94)520 (70 of 94) 520 (16 of 94) 520 (12 of 94) 520 (18 of 94) 520 (21 of 94) 520 (29 of 94) 520 (34 of 94) 520 (36 of 94) 520 (37 of 94) 520 (38 of 94) 520 (39 of 94) 520 (40 of 94) 520 (42 of 94) 520 (43 of 94) 520 (45 of 94) 520 (46 of 94) 520 (47 of 94) 520 (49 of 94) 520 (54 of 94)

(Then I dropped the whole cake on the ground, #momfail)520 (60 of 94) 520 (64 of 94) 520 (77 of 94)

Party animal INDEED!520 (91 of 94) 520 (89 of 94)

The highlight of the party was the amazing balloon twister we hired! She was seriously talented!


Now for the juicy details!

Karis’ Dress: Grey and Lion

Karis’s Bows: Zozu Baby

Banners and Cake Topper “3”: Glam Banners

Cake: Albertsons! Seriously, the best secret! If you are looking for a super basic cake that you can decorate yourself with a few cute toppers, 6.99 BABY!

Paper Lanterns: Oriental Trading Company

Foam Animals Masks: Amazon

Inflatable Animals: Amazon

Hanging Monkeys: Dollar Tree

Leaves on Vines: Amazon

Monkey vines: DIY with a roll of THIS

Wood Slabs: Borrowed from my bestie (she used them at her wedding, SCORE!)

Burlap Runner: Amazon

Terrariums in center of Tables: Hobby Lobby

Balloons: Alin Party Supply

Animal Figurines: Picked them up ALL over the place! BUT my favorite big ones HERE

Tiny Party Hats: DIY


We love you sweet girl and can NOT believe you are almost three!!! WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!


Thank you so so much to all our friends and family that made today so very special for miss Karis Brynn.


XO Ashley






Are you kitten me?

June 6, 2016

Karis is Two years old and I can hardly believe it! She’s smart, silly, and sweet and we love her so so so much (really though, like so so so much!) We celebrated her birthday with a kitty party! We are so blessed to have friends and family that love her as much as we do and we wanted to explode her little two year old brain by throwing a party just for her! Here are some highlights of the day!

imageimageimageDIY yarn balls: Styrafoam balls from the craft store, wrapped the heck out of with yarn and finish off with a tiny bit of hot glue! Easy as pie!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageAdopt a a kitty table was such a hit! Kitty Certificates and signs made by my hotty husband. Brushes and combs from the good old dollar store. Bottles from the baby shower section of a craft store. Boxes to take your kitty home in are actually treat boxes for baked goods. So much fun for the kiddos!imageimageimageLove my Letterfolk sign!imageDress: Jolie and June

Shoes: Mon Petit

Bracelets: Poppy Lane and Co.

Crocheted Kitty: Darling and Damsel