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Stuffing Our Stockings With Dr. Brown’s!

November 30, 2017

It’s Christmas time! My favorite time of the year! Finding all the perfect gifts though, not my favorite time of the year! Every year I feel like the kids stocking ends up filled with a whole lot of junk they don’t need! This year will be different! I am so excited to fill their stockings with practical, and still totally fun Dr. Brown’s items! Here are a few Santa will be stuffing in Karis and Bexley’s stocking this year…

1. Baby’s First Straw Cup My all time favorite cup for Bexley! The weighted straw and handles make it super easy for her to use, and the lid keeps it clean in my baby bag!

2. Insulated Straw Sport Cup This cup is my favorite for Karis.  Perfect for a older toddler (Karis is 3 and a half) I love the lid to keep it clean and I also love that it is insulated.  I add a little bit of ice before we go out and it stays cold while at preschool, or running errands!

3. Long Spatula Spoons I feel like I can never have too many baby spoons in my house! I personally love these ones because of the flat end.  It is great for wiping good off the babies mouth while they are still eating purees and then great for cutting food into smaller bites when they have moved to solids.

4. Flexees This teether is the perfect size for little tiny hands to hold.  They are also very durable!

5. Coolees I am a sucker for a cute teether, therefore this will for sure makes its way to the stocking this year! Not only is it totally cute it is freezer safe and meant to hold in the cold to really help sooth sore gums.

6. Nawgum I love the shape of this teether.  There are so many different places for your baby to hold on to and chew on.  Perfect for all stages of teething!

7. Nose & Face Wipes These are a must in the baby bag! I feel like I am wiping both kids faces all day long.  These wipes are gentle on faces and get the job done!

8. Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set Karis HATES brushing her teeth.  This elephant toothbrush makes it a little easier.  It is gentle and the toothpaste is all natural and safe to swallow.

9. Baby Lotion Filled with all natural ingredients and doesn’t leave a greasy feel.  Another baby bag must!

10. Snack-A-Pillar™ Stackable Snack & Dipping Cups I love this for the car or baby bag! Four stackable cups for different snacks on the go.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

XO Ashley

Teething bites!

August 21, 2017

We (and by “we” I mean Bexley) are in the middle of busting through tooth number 7, and this one is not coming in without a fight!  Although I do love the extra cuddles she wants to give when she is teething, it is just so sad to see them uncomfortable! Am I right??? SO, it is my civic duty to share with you some of my all time favorite teethers to help Bexley bust out these stinken’ teeth! YOU CAN DO IT BEXLEY GIRL!

Our go to for all our teething need is Dr Brown’s! Here’s why, Dr Brown’s products are developed and designed by pediatric dentists to help prevent dental issues and to sooth and comfort! WIN, WIN my friends! I am officially sold! Moving on to my favorites…


  1. Coolees. Point number one, it’s shaped like a watermelon! I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go any further than that, but I will! These are made to hold cool to relieve sore gums and the perfect shape and size to reach all over the jaw line!  2. Nawgum. This teether is shaped like a cactus! I repeat, a cactus! It is Super easy to grip and filled with all kinds of different textures!3. Orthees These are so easy for the babies to hold on to, and they can naw on any side! It has a shape similar to a pacifier but has a teether end instead of a nipple! Totally awesome! 

We are fully equipped and ready to kick some teething booty!!!

Thank you Dr Browns!


XO Ashley