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Baby Gift Guide!

November 19, 2018

It’s that time of the year again when you have no idea what to buy anyone! Hooray! In honor of Jovie babes first Christmas, I have put together a baby gift guide for all those cute little babies in your life!


  1.  Explore & More Follow-Bee Crawl Toy: My kids have all LOVED this toy! It is so fun to chase around the room when they are learning to crawl! 

  2. Fill and Spill Beaver:  This is adorable and perfect for any baby who loves to take stuff out and put it back in all day long! 

  3. Ball Popper: The snail was just too adorable to pass up, and I was completely sold when I saw that it lights up too!

  4. Roly Poly Owl: Another adorable toy that I couldn’t pass up.  This toy is perfect for when baby is just starting to sit up (and beyond) It also lights up!

  5. Silver Lining Cloud Baby’s View Activity Center: This is Jovie’s “large” gift this year from Santa! I wanted to think of something she actually needed and when I saw this activity center I totally loved the clouds and rainbow! SO cute and practical! 

  6. Looky-Looky Crawl Along Mirror: This is so cute when baby is learning to crawl!  Non-Toys! (Because sometimes it is nice to buy some things that baby actually needs, they don’t know either way!)

  7. Skip Hop Zoo Tuck-Away Bib: This is perfect for the baby bag or to keep in the back of the high chair, and comes in SO MANY adorable animals! 

  8. Skip Hop Zoo Silicone Bib: This is another great bib! I love these because they have a pouch to catch food AND they are so easy to wipe or wash clean.

  9. Fold & Go Silicone Placemat: This is great to store in the baby bag and take to restaurants!  

  10. Premium Burp Cloths: Copper Pearl burp cloths are my all time favorite! Every mama and baby needs them! 

  11. Adorable Bibs: If you are going to wear a bib, why not make it a adorable one???

  12. Muslin Quilt Blanket:  These blankets are my FAV!  So thick, soft and the quality is amazing! It’s such a great gift that baby can use for a really long time! It also comes in so many adorable patterns.


  13. Hooded Towel Set: Because you can never have enough adorable bath towels around! 

    Stocking Stuffers!

  14. B. Toys Rain Glow Squeeze:  This is a adorable little rattle that lights up when you shake it!

  15. Accordion Zebra:  Squishy and cuddly, and all around CUTE! It squeaks, crinkles and lets your baby make their own music!

  16. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy: These come in so many different cute animals to pick from and have several different activities on them for baby.  These are great to hook to the carseat or stroller!

  17. LouLou Lollipop Teether: Every baby needs a teether (OR TEN!) So why not add one of these in their stocking??

  18. Peek & Play Activity Book: I love the vibrant colors of this book mixed with the black and white.  A book, and stand up play house in one!



xo Ashley


December 5, 2016

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year and I am the biggest sucker for all things festive! Starting new traditions with my little family is something I looked forward to before we even had any kiddos and now that Karis actually understands what is going on (well kind of) GIVE ME ALL THE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!!!!


So, here are a few traditions we have done for the past couple of years and a few new traditions we are starting this year!!

Cookie baking day! One of my favorites!! Give me all the cookie dough! All the girls in the family get together a few days before Christmas and bake our hearts out literally all day!! SO fun and something I am totally looking forward to doing again this year!

Festival of Lights! Our downtown goes all out during Christmas time! Christmas lights everywhere, mini donuts that are to die for, reindeer, mechanical elves (because what’s better then a creepy elf??) Santa Clause!!! I KNOW HIM!!!! anyways…

Twas the Night Before Christmas! We read this book to Karis every Christmas eve, and Bexley will join in this year! I plan on keeping up this super simple but totally sweet tradition, ummm forever!

Matching Jammies! I mean ALL of us! This is a new tradition this year and I’m not even mad about it! Karis basically thinks it’s the best thing ever and she’s totally right! It IS the best thing ever!

Christmas Lights! We went out Christmas light hunting 2 years ago with hot coffee in hand and all bundled up and it ended up being one of the most magical evenings! We weren’t able to do it last year (due to me puking my brains out, morning sickness for the win) BUT I am good and well this year and we will definitely be starting this one up again!!

Christmas Cards! I absolutely love getting Christmas cards printed with a fun picture of the family! We always love to use Tiny Prints and I am so impressed with how they turned out this year!!

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I am DYING to hear about your Christmas traditions!!! Tell me your favorites!! What am I missing out on??


XO Ashley