Success with Brillia.

January 30, 2019

Our sweet little Karis Brynn will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and I really CANNOT believe it! I have so many emotions and I want her to do her very best! She sure loves to learn and is doing great in preschool, but her mind drifts to 100 different things and I’m a bit worried about her sitting at a desk for hours straight! Yikes! This is exactly why I have given Brillia a shot!

First things first. What is Brillia?

Brillia is a holistic approach that helps with, enhancing clarity, improving concentration, reducing anxiety, excitability, irritability, and hyperactivity. Brilla is safe, free of artificial colors and flavors, has NO harmful side effects, AND has showed us great results.

The Brillia program includes tips and advice on how to help you make healthy lifestyle changes that can also help your kiddos: Healthy eating habits, limited screen time, playing outside and using their imagination, getting a good night sleep and even a nap if they need it, and making sure their little bodies are relaxing! Make sure to check out Brillia’s five pillars for stronger focus! After all this TRY BRILLIA! We are loving it and seeing excellent results!

We have been practicing Brillia’s Five Pillars, and also using Brillia for about a month now! Karis is loving sitting down and working on her “homework”. She used to get sidetracked very easily, and I now see a difference in how long she is able to sit and learn a new letter of the alphabet! She is currently learning her ABCs and is having a great time. I can see that she is learning more clearly now and really grasping onto things like writing her name and a few smaller words. We will continue to use Brillia through the summer and right on into the fall in hopes that she will have a great transition into Kindergarten!

If you have a kiddo who has a hard time concentrating or gets anxious easily, I encourage you to give Brillia a shot!

XO Ashley McFarland

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