Managing the Christmas Crazy With UPPAbaby!

November 28, 2017

Christmas errands can be so very fun and so very stressful! Am I right??  This year I am brining my UPPAbaby VISTA along for the craziness! (If only the stroller knew how lucky it was! haha) Mama is loving this new stroller, and the girls are totally loving their new ride! Christmas time means a lot of running around.  Each day is a new store, a new gift to buy, another grocery store visit or another ugly Christmas sweater party.  I personally love the busyness, but it can get pretty tricky with kiddos involved!  This stroller came just in time.  Finding a stroller that the kids feel comfortable in, love to be in, and will hang out in for long periods of time without complaining is a must in my book! I have found that in my VISTA for a few different reasons…

  1. I love the many different seat configurations! Some days my girls love each other, those are the days I face them toward each other so they can laugh and have fun.  Other days, not so much.  No worries, those are the days I will face them out!  If one is needing a little extra mama love one can even face me while I push the stroller!
  2. The stroller sits up high, making it feel so much more manageable while pushing it around tight stores.  Since the back seat is so high the second seat can sit in farther, this cuts back on the length of the stroller.  Cutting the length = making me feel like I’m pushing a stroller and not a bus.  WIN!
  3. This stroller has A HUGE basket for storage! This is so important in my opinion! Baby bag, snacks, toys, shopping bags, groceries, bring it on!
  4. My girls are defiantly known to be napping on the go. I love that both of these seats are able to recline for a comfy cat nap!  There is nothing better then having two comfy, sleeping girls while mama can get some errands done in peace!
  5. The last thing that I absolutely love about this stroller while out and about is the extendable sunshade! There has been so many times we are out taking a walk, or partying it up a Disneyland and the sun in blasting right in somebodies face.  Even the normal sun shade can’t block the sun sometimes.  The extendable sunshade is a lifesaver!

I hope you are all finding ways to survive the season and make it one to remember! I am trying my very best this year to take in every moment instead of getting caught up in the stress of it all! UPPAbaby VISTA is just one way I am making my Christmas season a tiny bit easier!

Okay, now comes the time when everyone RUNS to add the          UPPAbaby VISTA to your Santa wish list ASAP!!!   


XO Ashley



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