Traveling with Babies, HELP!

September 13, 2017

Who else is so overwhelmed when it comes to going on a trip with their kiddos? We went on a few little getaways this summer and you would have thought I was moving in for 3 months! Packing for the kids is NO joke! I have just a few products I wanted to share with you all that really helped Bexley feel comfortable no matter where she was, and made our trips a heck of a lot easier!

  1. DockATot Grand! I can not say enough amazing things about this product! Bexley started in the Deluxe size and we have since moved her up to the Grand size.  There hasn’t been a day in her life that she has not slept in her DockATot.  The reason I am mentioning this for travel is because it is so easy to bring with you and brings the comfort of their sleep no matter where they are. I know friends that have brought theirs and put it right on the hotel bed with them, in the crib that the hotel or rental you are staying at might provide, or in the pack n play that you bring from home.
  2. Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib. Portable cribs typically weigh 3,000 pounds and are the size of a elephant, that is why I LOVE this travel crib! It is very lightweight, very easy set up and can be worn as a backpack while traveling with it! It also fit the DockATot Grand PERFECTLY so it was love at first sight!
  3. A sound machine! I am so glad I decided to throw our sound machine in! This is especially a must if you use a sounds machine at home on a regular basis.  It just gives the baby another comfort while they fall asleep in a foreign place.
  4. TRIP by Boon. This is a travel drying rack and bottle or sippy cup brush.  It all folds up in a portable case and it so convenient to leave next to the sink and your hotel or rental.  Typically wherever you are staying would defiantly not have brushes and things you would need to clean bottles and sippy cups so this was such a important item that I honestly never would have even thought of!
  5. Ergo 360 or Ergo Omni 360.  Either would do the trick just fine but some sort of baby carrier where they can face in for naps and out when they are awake and you are out adventuring is such a must!  A stroller just doesn’t always work out, I never go anywhere without my Ergo!

That’s it! My top 5 travel must haves! (besides the essentials of course!)  Traveling with a baby is no easy task and I hope this list makes the idea of taking a trip sounds a little bit easier! The key is to make the baby feel as comfortable as possible!  If you have any must haves for traveling with a baby PLEASE let me know! I would love so much to hear what you all think!

Happy Travels!


XO Ashley

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