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Momiform essentials!

July 17, 2017

I will be the first to tell you that I am SO far from put together; on most days I will stay in my pajamas until lunch time! OOPS! There are a few staple items to my wardrobe that are total game changers! SO easy to put on, comfy and make me actually look like I have it together! SAY WHAT! Totally winning with these key items…

  1. HATS! What on earth would I do without a good hat? I don’t have to do my hair, plus hats are totally in right now!  76 (8 of 19)
  2. KIMONOS! You guys!! If you don’t own at least 10 of these bad boys, you are doing something wrong! They look great over dresses, jeans, shorts, great when pregnant, great for nursing! Need I say more??76 (14 of 19)
  3. DRESSES AND ROMPERS! Absolutely no thought goes into wearing a dress or a romper! SO easy it hurts! Extra points for rompers, because sometimes running after kiddos in a dress can get sketchy! 76 (16 of 19)
  4. CLOGS! Pretty much just the WAY comfy version of high heels! I am so into Clogs right now! Here are the ones I am wearing in the photos! 76 (18 of 19)

What are some of your momiform staples??? I NEED TO KNOW!


XO Ashley

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