Rockets of Awesome!

November 26, 2016

Who else feels like they are constantly shopping for new clothes for their toddler?? Is it just me that feels like a constant battle?? I have recently discovered a subscription box called Rockets of Awesome and it is just that you guys, AWESOME!  I’m on my second box and I am hooked!! No joke, it is the best quality in children’s clothes that I have ever felt, and how amazing is it to receive a box of clothes in the mail created just for your kiddos with their interests in mind.  1117_22

How the heck does it work? Easy you guys…

  1. Based on what you like or don’t like, Rockets of Awesome will hand-pick 8 to 12 items for you.
  2. You’ll receive a delivery 4 times a year. No membership fees. No shipping fees.
  3. Choose your faves, you’re only charged for what you keep.

No fees. No shipping costs.  No problem!! HOORAY!

Total bonus is that Karis thinks it’s the most fun thing ever opening up her box when it comes in the mail!

I SERIOUSLY love this company and so will you!

XO Ashley


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