Keeping Baby Cozy!

November 7, 2016

Having a baby means you are 100% responsible for keeping that baby happy, comfortable and ALIVE! Yes, it is YOUR job to keep this little human living.  NO pressure haha Anyways, I have learned with having another baby there are really just a very small list of things that a baby needs to be cozy and happy!  I have also discovered a seriously awesome online store, Baby Cubby, or if you live in Utah you can even go visit them in person! They have every baby essential you will ever need all in one place! AND the cutest of the cutest brands, which is always a plus!  Here is a super small list of just a handful of things I love for my baby! Some are seriously life savers and some are just seriously adorable and super cozy all at the same time!!

  • 1. DockATot.  I have talked about this on my blog before and I really can’t explain how much this has saved our life! Bexley is THE best sleeper at night and during her naps and I have to thank the DocATot for making my baby so cozy and for letting this mama actually feel rested! 116-19-of-612. A good soft swaddle (actually a handful of swaddles because they will constantly be needing washed) Little Unicorn Official is one of my all time favorites.  THE cutest prints, super lightweight and soft, and so easy to take anywhere! 116-7-of-613. Cozy clothes are a MUST! In my opinion a baby must be super duper cozy AND super duper cute! hehe Because of this I love Rags to Raches! No snaps, no zippers, just 100% softness! 116-21-of-614. SHOES! I LOVE baby shoes! Bexley girl wears shoes every single day, just because they are so darn cute! Obviously though for a tiny little baby I needed to find shoes that were just as cozy as they were adorable! Piper Finn was a winner for me! Super soft and super dang cute! (yes, super dang!)116-8-of-615. Now this last item only pertains to the girl mamas but I must mention it anyways! Baby Bling headbands! Made entirely of nylon! Try and tell me how that could’t be cozy on a brand new little baby head!! ALSO, they are one size fits ALL which is totally awesome! 116-16-of-61

Just a small list of things that I absolutely love and ALL super duper cozy for baby which is so important!  Everything here and SO much more good stuff can be found over at Baby Cubby.  They  are so passionate about what they do and only sell THE best, and safest for your baby! (seriously, they do hours of research so you don’t have to!)



What are some must haves you have discovered for keeping baby cozy?


XO Ashley

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