HELP, it’s family photo time!

October 20, 2016

Family photos are rough and with littles that are so unpredictable it is straight up stressful! You’re telling me we have to all coordinate in nice clothes without spilling, pooping, spitting up, etc.! THEN we all have to be happy and in a good mood, and THEN we have to smile and look like we actually have our lives together. OH, and theirs a toddler and a baby involved.  NO PROBLEM!!!

Send help.

We all want family photos.  Beautiful frame worthy moments that we can cherish forever.  The stress that come along with it though, not so much. Here are some tips I have thought up to help the process go as smoothly as possible!

  • Location! Choose a location that is FUN for your toddler.  Maybe a pretty park, or the beach.  Somewhere they will actually enjoy being.  This will help with capturing real, fun moments! My toddler LOVES the beach and you can totally tell by these photos!
  • Timing is KEY! I understand you have to work with the sun when taking photos but you also have to work with your kiddos schedule!  Make sure they are fully rested and fed!
  • Bribery! Have a toy in the car for your toddler that they get to open up AFTER photos are over!  If they are deciding to go haywire, kindly remind them of what they have waiting for them if they are good for the photos!
  • Snacks! Snacks are always a good idea.  Have some small, MESS FREE snacks ready to roll.  A quick snack and water break could be a nice reset if someone starts getting cranky!
  • Candid photos are great!  Expect to get a lot of candid photos.  Good luck getting all of you to smile at the camera at the same time.  It’s totally ok!  Candid photos are beautiful!

Last, but most important of all! HAVE FUN! I know from experience that we can get so worked up and stressed out that by the time we get to the photo location we are a stressed out mess! Take a deep breath, maybe sing a fun song or too, have a tickle fight, group hug, do what you have to do to DE-STRESS and have fun!

GOOD luck! Even if they don’t go as perfectly as you had in your head, that’s your real life and you will cherish them no matter what! As my nana would have said  “This is your circus and those are your monkeys!”

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GORGEOUS photos by the talented Jessica Haderlie

XO Ashley

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