Fall favorites!

September 26, 2016

Fall is here! (although it’s supposed to be 105 degrees tomorrow, hmmm…) Anyways, I love me some fall! I also say that for every season, but there is something special about fall! Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, hopes to be able to wear a sweater and boots soon (please!!) and crisp air! Here are some of my all time favorite things about Fall!

  1. Candy what? Candy what?? Candy corn! Candy corn!giphy
  2. Sweater Weather!!! (honestly though, that doesn’t really happen until November in Southern California; can I get an eye roll over here?)giphy-4
  3. Goodbye iced coffee, and back to warming my coffee 17 hundred times a day in the microwave. (it’s true, my friends actually make fun of me for it.)giphy-5
  4. Babies in fall clothes, because it’s freaking adorable.giphy-12
  5. The tress changing colors! O wait, I live in California…PICTURES of the trees changing colors.giphy-6
  6. Pumpkins!!! Decorating with pumpkins, carving pumpkins, tiny pumpkins, giant pumpkins, eating pumpkins, smelling pumpkins, white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, PUMPKINNNNNNSSSSS!!!giphy-7
  7. Fall colors! I love mustard, favorite color, give me all of it! Eating it though, not so much.giphy-8
  8. Baking! Who else gets the urge to just bake??? Cookies for everyone!!!giphy-9
  9. Halloween! I LOVE dressing up, although now I just like dressing up my children, seriously though.  A tiny little dressed up human is THE cutest!giphy-10
  10. Last, but not least, Thanksgiving! Need I say more? What a beautiful day it is…giphy-11


XO Ashley


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    99 percent sure we are the exact same person.

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