It’s good to be home!

September 9, 2016

Calling all home bodies! Anyone out there just love so much to stay in jammies all day, and do absolutely nothing??? ME TOO! Sadly life gets in the way and I have to go be an adult and fulfill responsibilities, blah blah blah.  But, on one of those heavenly days where there isn’t a single thing on the agenda here’s what a day in my shoes looks like!

  • Karis wakes up around 8 or 8:30 (my seriously kind husband is the one that gets her out of bed on a usual day)
  • They head downstairs for the usual pancakes or waffles and to watch some Disney Junior.
  • Bexley and I roll out of bed around 9:30 (I don’t know how I get away with this but for the amount i LOVE sleep, it’s basically a dream come true)
  • next, COFFEE (iced is my current favorite)
  • Clean up a bit from the morning toddler tornado that has somehow destroyed my house in one short hour.
  • Play, play, play. This usually includes coloring, stickers, or play-doh.
  • Lunch! PB&J all day every day!
  • Nap time comes in to save the day around 1 o clock, and usually lasts until about 3.
  • I like to sit on the couch watching some TV on my computer doing absolutely nothing during nap time (sometimes that is ruined by things such as laundry and the dishes.)
  • SNACK time for all!
  • Play play play some more!
  • Start getting dinner ready around 4:30.
  • Eat around 5;30.
  • Clean up and go for a walk. (the evenings have been way too nice not to!)
  • Bath time from around 7:15-8.
  • Small snack, and a little bit of TV.
  • AND bed time routine and bed time around 8:30.


Sounds O so boring when typing it out, but it’s my all time favorite thing to be home!! What’s a low-key day at home look like to you??

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XO Ashley




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  • Reply chelsea jacobs September 12, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Lazy days at home are my absolute favorite!

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