No more toothbrush tantrums!

September 6, 2016

Sliced bread has a serious run for it’s money folks because I may have found the next best thing! Every single night I have to pin my toddler down and fight her to brush her teeth for maybe 30 seconds, IF I’m lucky! You would think I was trying to pull her teeth every single night! This was until Playbrush came into our lives!  It’s a tiny little device that can attach to ANY tooth brush and will work with your smartphone or tablet! Turning brushing your teeth into a GAME! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Download the Playbrush app onto your phone (or tablet) there are three different game options.  Karis picked the princess “getting” the purple monsters. It will keep track of your childs name and all the points and rewards they have earned from brushing their teeth!
  2. Charge it up and attach the device onto your toddlers toothbrush.  (No special toothbrush required just use the one you already have.)
  3. AND play!!!

Karis Brushed her teeth FIVE times today and cried when I finally had to call it quits because it was 30 minutes past her bed time! She cried because she COULDN’T brush her teeth anymore, what kind of crazy mind game is this Playbrush??? I’m not sure, but it’s working and I am SO loving it! I think I might get myself one too, totally acceptable right?? Mama wants to get the purple monsters too!


Do yourself a favor and go buy your kiddo one and save yourself a wrestling match every night.  You’re toddler will thank you and you will totally thank yourself!


XO Ashley tb (1 of 46) tb (3 of 46) tb (4 of 46) tb (6 of 46) tb (7 of 46) tb (8 of 46) tb (12 of 46)


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    This is genius!

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