Hi, It’s me again!

August 26, 2016

Hi there! A lot has changed since just a few months ago when I last introduced myself! So here I go again! My name is Ashley and I have bene married to my husband, Eric, for almost SIX years!! That’s crazy to me.  We drive each other crazy every day, we spend way too much time together, and we probably argue about every other thing, but we love the heck out of each other and we would’t want to be doing life with anyone else!  We have two beautiful little gals.  Karis who is two and Bexley who is six weeks old! Here’s some random facts about myself!

  1. I’m 27 years old (I actually had to confirm this because I was seriously convinced I was 26.  What is even happening???)
  2. I live in Southern California!
  3. I graduated from California Baptist University with a major in Communications and minor in Public Relations.
  4. I co-owned a Children boutique and resale store for 5 years and just recently let it go! Now i run my Etsy shop and shoot weddings with the husband.
  5. We love the beach! It’s our happy place.
  6. Target is my wallets downfall, along with Amazon Prime and shopping online at Old Navy and Gap.  Because shopping online is seriously the best thing that has ever happened!
  7. All  time favorite show?? The Bachelor or Bachelorette.  #notashamed (and the Office! so good.)
  8. COFFEE, give me all the coffee all the time.  Also, give me a burrito almost all the time because I really love burritos.
  9. I absolutely love to travel.  Unfortunately it costs money…
  10. I have seven tattoos, they are seriously addicting.  Give me more!
  11. I’ve had the ultimate crush on Justin Timberlake since 6th grade.  It’s never left, it’s just more so reached a creepy stalker stage now.  It’s fine.
  12. I’ve wanted to see a Orca in the wild since I was like 9 years old.  I’m not talking Sea World status (been there, done that) I’m talking Free Willy all the way! (it’s pathetic, I know)
  13. Haagen-Dazs Coffee ice is all I would ever eat in the world if I didn’t have a family to feed.  Dang family…

That’s it, that’s all! We’re just a bunch of weirdos trying to raise some kiddos and making the most of it all!

Nice to meet you!

(Where you been? I can show you incredible things!)

Okay i’m done, If you recognized that song we can go ahead and be best friends.

XO AshleyAshleyNoelFam1(12of51) AshleyNoelFam1(17of51) AshleyNoelFam1(24of51) AshleyNoelFam1(29of51) AshleyNoelFam1(32of51) AshleyNoelFam1(33of51) AshleyNoelFam1(34of51) AshleyNoelFam1(39of51) AshleyNoelFam2(3of135) AshleyNoelFam2(9of135) AshleyNoelFam2(10of135) AshleyNoelFam2(12of135) AshleyNoelFam2(18of135) AshleyNoelFam2(29of135) AshleyNoelFam2(39of135) AshleyNoelFam2(47of135) AshleyNoelFam2(48of135) AshleyNoelFam2(52of135) AshleyNoelFam2(55of135) AshleyNoelFam2(67of135) AshleyNoelFam2(70of135) AshleyNoelFam2(76of135) AshleyNoelFam2(78of135) AshleyNoelFam2(86of135) AshleyNoelFam2(93of135) AshleyNoelFam2(94of135) AshleyNoelFam2(95of135) AshleyNoelFam2(96of135) AshleyNoelFam2(101of135)

Photos by: Grow Lovely 

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  • Reply Breanna August 30, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I love the pictures!!

  • Reply Tristan August 30, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Uhhh, ok when can you all take pictures of my family? 😛

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