Rest assured for this mama!

August 25, 2016

Having a second baby did not for a second, change my anxiety like I thought it would! With baby number one I was checking to make sure that she was breathing every 2 seconds, and I told myself while I was pregnant with sweet baby number two that there was no way I would be that crazy this time around.  FALSE! Just as crazy here! This is why I am absolutely loving the Owlet Monitor! This is practically a dream come true for the hovering mamas like me! A monitor that uses the same technology as hospitals to monitor the babies heart rate and oxygen levels, and is designed to send a alert to your phone when anything looks off. I dare you to try and tell me that’s not seriously awesome! Can’t say it huh??? Well that’s because it IS seriously awesome! Anything to give a new mama some sort of peace of mind is a must have in my book! Check out the Owlet Monitor for yourself HERE!

So cheers to more sleep at night and a more happy rested mama for everyone! My husband, toddler and baby all thank you Owlet!

XO Ashley

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