Beach with the babes.

July 1, 2016

Tips and tricks that might help a somewhat hectic day a bit more relaxing!

-Sunblock it up! Remember to reapply at least every other hour, there is nothing more sad then a burnt babe!

-Sun hat and Sun Glasses! Bring them and try as hard as you can to actually et your toddler to wear them! At least part of the day!

-Sand never hurt anyone! Don’t panic about sand being literally everywhere. Embrace it, when they are ready to eat lunch and their hands are covered in sand, just roll with it! It’s called a sandwich for a reason! 🙈 (if you try and keep the sand at a minimal I can promise you the sand will always win)

-Water! A small cooler is perfect for brining along a few water bottles and keeping other snacks cool! Don’t bring anything crazy though, a small insulated bag should be perfect. Let’s remember you will be dragging it through the sand along with your toddler!

-Snacks! Bring more snacks then you think! It’s a proven fact the beach makes you starving! Even my toddler becomes a bottomless pit at the beach!

-Sand Toys! A sifter for sea shells in my daughters absolutely favorite! A bottom and shovel is a must have too!

-Beach Blanket! Make sure to bring something along that is bigger then a beach towel to lay out on the sand for your kiddo to park it on when they need a rest!

-Umbrella! In my opinion a umbrella or some sort of easy pop up tent is a must have! We all love the sun, but hours of it is rough on a toddler and a few breaks away from it throughout the day definitely helps!

-A swim diaper! Those real diapers turn into 30 pounds weights the second they touch the water! Do everyone a favor and bring a swim diaper!

-A sand chair! Try and hold a napping toddler without a chair; I dare you.

And last but not least…

-Baby Powder! Sand is sticky! When you go to change your babes diaper in the car before you drive home and sand is stuck like glue, baby powder saves the day! Throw on more baby powder then you think wherever sand is stuck and it will wipe right off with a towel!


XO Ashley

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