I was told there would be glowing.

June 8, 2016

Ten thoughts while in your third trimester…

  • “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get up from the sitting position without groaning again?? What do people around me think? Should I let them know I’m ok??”
  • “Did I just pee myself? What if it’s my water leaking? Nah, probably just some other bodily fluid…”
  • “Yes, I do understand I’m “eating for two” thank you so much for pointing it out. It makes me feel a lot better about the 40 pounds I’ve already gained.”
  • “I would kill someone for a burrito right now, I’m not kidding! Actually chicken McNuggets from McDonalds, I need them! Ice cream, Oh my gosh, ice cream sounds so good!! I wonder if we have any Pringles left, I think I ate the entire container last night…”
  • “Time to get dressed. I totally forgot about this cute shirt; doesn’t fit. Maybe this dress…hmmm it’s a shirt now. Maxi dress, can’t go wrong! My butt looks huge!! 37 articles of clothing are thrown on the bed. I’m crying in my bra…”
  • “Literally just sat down, now my toddler decides she’s thirsty?? How could I coach her into getting the water herself? Not possible…is it worth buying a mini fridge for the next month?? *google searches mini fridges* $150, that’s totally doable. Groans my way to the kitchen.”
  • “How is it even possible that this baby is currently smashing my entire bladder and at the same time busting through my right rib cage?? Is she like 3 feet long???
  • “Oh my gosh! It must be at least 90 degrees in my house! Have to turn the air on! It’s only 70 degrees?? Dumb thing must be broken. Time to call the landlord.”
  • “It’s just 1 flight of stairs, I can do it! Gets to the top; pants heavily for the next 30 minutes.”
  • “It will all be so so worth it once this sweet baby is in my arms, I just know it!”


xoxo Ashley

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