Hi, I’m Ashley

June 6, 2016

Hi everyone! The time has come, I have started a blog. The reason behind this idea of mine was well, why the heck not start a blog? Good reason, moving on. I’m Ashley. My husband is Eric and our little gal is Karis! We have a bun in the oven who is looking to make her grand debut via scheduled c-section on July 19th. We live in sunny (pretty way of saying it’s hot all the time) Southern California. My husband and I are full time wedding photographers (check out our work!) <—enter shameless plug here. I also own an Etsy shop! Making pretty little bows, flowers and flower crowns. My life is pretty epic (not at all actually) and my husband only listens to me about half the time I talk, so I now have a outlet to ramble on about whatever might be on my brain! Lets just hope that a few kind souls might hear what I have to say. So welcome, thanks so much for stopping by, and let’s be friends!


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