Let’s get cozy!

June 2, 2016

I’m all about living that cozy life and Karis is following right along suit. Blankets, pillows, cuddly stuffed animals, fluffy rugs; give us all the things to make staying home a little bit more comfy! I’ve collected a list of just a few things that Karis and I love to cozy on up to!imageThis rug from RugsUSA is literally the softest thing I’ve ever laid on, Karis and I are currently fighting it out on whose bed it’s going to replace! Seriously though, so cozy for bare feet and tickle fights!imageThere is nothing this girl loves more then to cuddle up to one of her Blabla Dolls. Her Blabla kitty, Splash, ran around with a diaper on all day today, she then told me she’s going to change all the babies diapers, so we’re totally winning!imageThis hand knit blanket from Little Hook Nook is one of this girls favorites. My plan was to save it for the baby, but that’s long out the window! It’s in her crib every night! So soft and cozy and you’re supporting such a sweet lady by buying one!imageWhat’s better then a blanket made out of jersey knit for summer nights?? These Cozys blankets are so soft, stretchy and light weight! I even find my husband stealing it once and awhile!imageOf course Karis loves her Cozys blanket too! It’s actually the babies, but shhh don’t tell her!

I hope you all feel warm and cuddly inside now! Stay cozy my friends! XO

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